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Kumudzi Kuwale is a social for profit company, registered under the Malawi  Companies Act 13135. The company was registered in August 2013, and is currently owned 54% by Nkhotakota Youth Organisation in Nkhotakota, Malawi, and 46% by the Grønn-Hagen Bjørke Malawi Foundation in Norway. With only a single employee as of starting 2014, Kumudzi Kuwale has boasted a steep growth and now employs more than 15  Malawians in Nkhotakota.                                       

Our Team

General Manager                                                   Witness Chisale 

Business Development Manager                         Kristian Viflot 

Senior Technical Manager                                    Geoffrey Kasambandopa 

Director of Water Wells                                         Vincent Kamwanya 

Financial Manager                                                 Fumbani Nyasulu

Finance and Admin Secretary                              Kettie Mkonda

Project Manager                                                     Ivy Chirwa 

Water Wells Associate                                          Aubrey Numeri

Project Facilitator                                                  Charles Cornelius Kaombe

Charging Station Station Officer                          Winnie Phiri 

Shopkeeper Nkhotakota                                       Caroline Kakhonje

Shopkeeper Kasungu                                            Enneless Thompson Phir

Technicians                                                            Ronald Msukwa, Nema Mdelemani, John Paul Chikonda


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Kumudzi Kuwale Limited,

Nkhotakota Boma

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