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Kumudzi Kuwale's two shops in Nkhotakota Boma and Kasungu Boma are probably Malawi's best and most welcoming places to shop for solar energy solutions. We lead a wide range of products, ranging from small and affordable solar lanterns to complete solar systems that can make your home electrified similarly to a grid-connected home.     

We are proud of our customer service, we want to teach our customers how to use the products and help the customers to find the ideal system for their needs. We also emphasise security and correct mounting of equipment to increase safety and durability.

All the products we sell are tested by ourselves, so as to avoid the low-quality products that are generally available on the market in Malawi. Quality is important - if you buy a battery without trusting the supplier you might end up getting less than 30% of the capacity that you pay for.

Due to varying availability of products, the products that we lead vary from time to time. Please come by our shop or contact us on phone (+265 884 28 86 10) or email ( for any enquiries.

Solar Home Systems

Our products range from small solar lamps and systems that can provide lights and cell phone charging for a small family, to large systems that can power fans, fridges, computers etc. for the modern household. We have a wide range of solar panels, solar batteries, solar charge controllers and inverters suitable for the different needs in the Malawian market. All our products are tested to control the capacity and functionality.

Our solar lighting product display

Address of our Nkhotakota Shop

Kumudzi Kuwale Limited,

            Nkhotakota Boma

            Opposite Farmer's World

Opening Hours of our shops

MON to FRI, 08:00 - 17:00

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