Charging stations

Rural Charging stations


Kumudzi Kuwale has since its startup in 2013 piloted different technical and financial models to reach out to people with no access to electricity today. One particularly successful model is the rural charging station, where customers can rent, buy and charge solar power equipment. This approach is seen to have positive effects on health, environment, education, business and women empowerment.


Four village battery charging stations were established in 2014, and today Kumudzi Kuwale operates more than twenty. The stations are planned and established in close collaboration with the local community in each case, and is bringing light and income to local villagers.



Kazimu village charging station

The first charging station has been operational since May 2014.

Kazimu charging station
Kachere charging station

Kachere village charging station

Makukuta charging station

Makukuta village charging station