Highlighted Projects

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Highlighted Projects

Solar Installations at the CEM/UNDP/GoM Implemented 80KW Sitolo Village Mini Grid

This is by far the biggest installation assignment Kumudzi Kuwale has undertaken. In 2019, Kumudzi Kuwale, contracted through our partner Enviroearth,  projected and installed an 80Kw solar plant feeding into a mini-grid in Sitolo Village, Mchinji District, Malawi. The project has given us valuable insight into how to establish mini-grids in rural Malawi, as well as showing our technicians and project managers that no project is too big to handle for Kumudzi Kwuale. The plant, run by CEM, will open up for new economic opportunities for Sitolo Village, and may lift its 3,000 inhabitants up from poverty. You can find a video showcasing our installation works at the plant here

The No One Should Be Left in The Dark Project 

The "No one should be left in the dark" is a project where we rapidly scale up our rural charging station network by adding another 295 charging stations to our existing 50.The project builds on the lessons learned from our existing stations, and will provide rental services of chargable solar torches to rural villagers for a price of 1,4USD per month. 

This project has been made possible through funding from the Energy and Environment Partership (EEP) Africa. The project is worth 342,000eur, out of which funding from EEP amounts to 200,000eur, will run over 2 years from 2019 to 2021, and will at the end provide affordable and renewable light and electricity to more than 150,000 rural Malawians. You can read more about our charging stations, and where they are located here.

Solar Electrification Projects at Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve 

Kumudzi Kuwale has designed, installed and maintained a variety of solar systems in Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve. Through installation assignments won through African Parks, the management authority of the reserve, we have installed solar electric systems at several rangers' quarters, solar powered water wells, as well as a solar powered VHF Radio system that covers the park. 

We at Kumudzi Kuwale are very proud of the opportunity to keep Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve wild, sustainable and environental friendly through our solar installations in the reserve.  

Electrification of schools

We believe education is key to conomic development and social mobility here in Malawi. Unfortunately, lack of light in rural areas after makes it difficult for students to study and do their homework after the sun has set - hindering them in reaching their full potential.  Kumudzi Kuwale, through funding particularly from our shareholder organization, GHBMF, has electrified more than 40 schools across Malawi - allowing pupils of all ages to find a safe and lit place to study after dark. 

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