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Kumudzi Kuwale means "Bringing Light to the Villages" in Chichewa, the most widely spoken language in Malawi, and is a social for-profit company registered under the Malawi Companies Act 13135. The company was registered in August 2013, and is currently owned 41,8% by YouthCODE in Nkhotakota, Malawi, 54% by the Grønn-Hagen Bjørke Malawi Foundation in Norway, and 4,2% by other smaller investors. What started off as a project with only a single employee in 2013, has rapidly grown into one of the biggest employers in Nkhotakota Boma and a large contributor to local empowerment and progress in villages across Malawi. Kumudzi Kuwale currently has 17 full time employees in Nkhotakota, 2 in Kasungu, and more than 50 in the field. The company seeks to provide every layer of society with access to sustainable, renewable and affordable electricity and light, and does this through its three solar business units; installations, charging stations and shops. From July 2019, Kumudzi Kuwale introduced a fourth business unit, Water Wells, where we aim to provide access to clean and reliable water to rural Malawians, as well as offering solar irrigation and solar water pumping solutions to those in need of this.  You can read more about our highlighted projects here.


Sustainable Development Goals We Are Working Towards

Our Colleagues

Management Team



Support Team

General Manager                                        Witness Chisale 

Business Development Officer                Richard Magalasi

Senior Technical Manager                         Geoffrey Kasambandopa 

Director of Water Wells                              Vincent Kamwanya 

Finance Director                                         Fumbani Nyasulu

Charging Station Manager                        Charles Dakalira

Finance and Admin Secretary                   Maggie Lungu

Water Wells Associate                                Aubrey Numeri

Charging Station Station Officer               Winnie Phiriaand Michael Kanyinji

Shopkeeper Nkhotakota                             Geturude Katsichi

Technicians                                                 Ronald Msukwa, Enneless Thompson Phi,                                                                                         John Paul Chikonda and David Kapeta

Apprentices                                                 N/A

Other Functions

Kumudzi Kuwale Board

Strategic Charging Station Operators      

Charging Station Operators                      


Maniford Kamtepa, Buleya Chidothi, Mr. Bama, Thokozani Banda, Shadreck Banda.  

Kambukani Manyusa, Stainly Chirwa, Shadreck Genesis, Solomono Kavala, Buleya Chidothi, Kondwani Phiri, Maxwello Mithi, Denis Simwaka, Davie Kalua, Follios Julius, Peter Salamba, Andrew Phiri, Fackson Malandi, Isaac Phiri, Patrick Katanga, Alufeti Edward, Henry Kaphiza, Sau Nlahne, Owen Chilombo, Chidothi Donati, Thoko Banda, Zayeku Kalula, Victor Nowa, Jonathan Makupe, John Kalulimbo, Alinati Stoko Bama, Patrick Mtambo, Godfrey Chirwa, Ziberok Imedi, Harry Dausi, Shadreck Kadawinda, Yone Mlanga, Shadreck Banda, Mussa Mwale, Chancy Chisenga, Sinodi Daniford, Merina Mangulenjoe, George Sadala, Winston Masanthula, Maniford Mwale, Tamika Chibesakunda, Vincent Mwale, Emmanuel Mwale, Edward Mkwanthama, Tanda Bakali, Lingsiono Kapindiri, William Machili, Mercy Chirwa,

Kapalamula Chirwa, Michael Dono, Tedson Phiri

Chariman of the Board                                Arne Marius Skillingstad

Shareholder and Boardmember                 Robert Mbaya

Shareholder and Boardmember                 Ola Grønn-Hagen

Boardmember                                               Øystein Garfors

Kumudzi Kuwale Shareholders

Youth and Community Development Organization (YouthCODE), formally known as Nkhotakota Youth Organization, is a non-profit ofrganization seeking to build skills and create opportunities to improve lives in Malawi. YouthCODE founded Kumudzi Kuwale in 2013 as a profit-generating activity with the goal of createing jobs to people both in Nkhotakota and in Malawi in as a whole.

Grønn-Hagen Bjørke Malawi Foundation (GHBMF) is an NGO that has had an active role in improving the lives of rural Malawians since 2007. GHBMF's main focus is to fund and build schools and water wells in rural Malawi, providing education and affordable, clean water to people that would otherwise not have access to these things. GHBMF invested into Kumudzi Kuwale in 2018, and currently owns 54% of the shares of the company. 

Partners and Awards

Company Profile

Our installation works at the 80Kw Sitolo village Project

Implemented by CEM/GoM/UNDP, installation works by Kumudzi Kuwale

A video from 2017 showcasing our company

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