Solar Power Installations

Kumudzi Kuwale supplies and installs solar power backup, off-grid or hybrid systems for individual customers or larger institutions such as schools, enterprises, lodges, health centres or entire villages.  Kumudzi Kuwale also performs solar powered water pump installations.

Our projects are executed in close cooperation with the vocational skills centre at Nkhotakota Youth Organisation. With the supervision of experienced technicians, we hire the best graduates from the vocational skills centre to work as part of our project teams. Our senior staff makes sure that the projects are carried out in a professional manner according to Malawian and international standards.

The locally trained junior staff are the best of their classes and get a unique opportunity to learn more and get employment. We are commited to contribute to female empowerment and make sure we include women in our project teams and work staff. Through this employment policy, we hope that we help to build local capacity and that we contribute to sustainable development in Nkhotakota District.

Our biggest installation contract this far was the installation of the whole 80Kw solar power system at the Community Energy Malawi, UNDP and GoM implemented Sitolo Village solar farm project at Sitolo Village, Mchinji District, Malawi (picured to the right). You can read more about the Sitolo Project here.

The installation team including students of the vocational skills training centre at Nkhotakota Youth Organisation


Kumudzi Kuwale supplies drilling services for water wells, and have in house capacity to build manual and solar pumped wells. 

We own our own, top moden drilling rig and have a drilling crew with years of experience in the field.

For hand-powered water wells, we work together with ADCs and VDCs to identify need, and to cooperate on the building of the wells. We currently have more than 200 water wells in our Water Well portfolio.

We are also able to provide solar-powered irrigation solutions for farmers that need reliable harvests year-round, and for private customers that demands reliable access of clean water through boreholes.

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The installation team including students of the vocational skills training centre at Nkhotakota Youth Organisation

Solar Shops

Kumudzi Kuwale's two shops in Nkhotakota Boma and Kasungu Boma are probably Malawi's best and most welcoming places to shop for solar energy solutions. Our products range from small solar lamps and systems that can provide lights and cell phone charging for a small family, to large systems that can power fans, fridges, computers etc. for the modern household. We have a wide range of solar panels, solar batteries, solar charge controllers and inverters suitable for the different needs in the Malawian market. All our products are tested to control the capacity and functionality. We also carry a wide range of equipment to be run by solar power, such as solar irons, solar TVs,and solar fans.      

We are proud of our customer service, we want to teach our customers how to use the products and help the customers to find the ideal system for their needs. We also emphasise security and correct mounting of equipment to increase safety and durability. All the products we sell are tested by ourselves, so as to avoid the low-quality products that are generally available on the market in Malawi. Quality is important - if you buy a battery without trusting the supplier you might end up getting less than 30% of the capacity that you pay for.

Nkhotakota Store

Kumudzi Kuwale Limited,

Nkhotakota Boma

Opposite Farmer's World

+265 (0) 888 728242

Kasungu Store

Kumudzi Kuwale Limited,

Kasungu Boma

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Our solar lighting product display

Rural Solar Charging Stations

Kumudzi Kuwale has since its startup in 2013 piloted different technical and financial models to reach out to people with no access to electricity today. One particularly successful model is the rural charging station, where customers can rent, buy and charge solar power equipment. This approach is seen to have positive effects on health, environment, education, business and women empowerment. The stations are planned  and established  in close collaboration with the local community in each case, and is bringing light and income to local villagers.

The first charging station has been operational since May 2014, and we now, through our more than 50 charging stations, give light to more than 25,000 people in rural Malawi.

Early 2019,  we were awarded funding from EEP Africa that will allow us to rapidly scale up our charging station concept, through a project we call "No one should be left in the dark". Through the project, we will build 295 new stations across Malawi, bringing affordable and renewable light and electricity to an additional 150,000 people in rural Malawi by 2021.